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Diana E. Rodriguez-Realtor

Connecting Buyers and Sellers!

The Home Team 16719 Huebner Rd Bld #4, San Antonio, TX 78248

Thank You For Your Business And Your Trust.

Congratulations! You are getting closer to finding your dream home. Home ownership is the American Dream and helping you find the right home for you or your family is what I do best. Whether this is your first, second, or tenth home, it is always wise to have a Realtor you can trust that will guide you through the experience with ease.

Although the process of buying a home is a significant and exciting decision, it also involves a substantial long-term financial commitment. At the same time, homeowners accumulate wealth for the future while enjoying the benefits of a residence that they can use, improve, enjoy, and above all call their own.

To insure that you get the best and most favorable experience, you must consider the following three essential steps:

Step One: Finding a Buyer Agent

Step Two: Pre-Qualifying Letter

Step Three: Finding the Right Home

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